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MINA in Wellington

In the midst of general election fervour, against an unusually busy time in the arts in Wellington (including our own launch for Now Future's Dialogues with Tomorrow 2010 book and e-book), Max Schleser put on the first International Mobile Innovation Symposium and Screening at the Film Archive. It was great to come along and meet others keen to democratise the technology, and revolutionise film making.

Great to be included in the MINA programme, Max, thanks for your vanguard work!

see Istanbul Gaze


ISEA 2011 preps in Istanbul

We're getting into the install for ISEA - the Intersociety of Electronic Art.  It is extraordinary to be back in a city I have been fascinated with, exhibiting a work made in conjunction with Dugal McKinnon and recorded with the generosity of Melissa Billington and Myoga students at the POWA centre in Wellington.

It is called Te Kore: Street of Breaths.  This work is an audio intervention into both a gallery environment and the street outside the gallery which happens to be one of the busiest commercial and tourist streets in Istanbul  - Istiklal Caddesi.  As I've done in previous work (as curator for Letting Space, and in Norway with Last Gasp), I'm in the process of negotiation with a local shop owner about displaying part of the work in the entrance to their premises.

For information about ISEA and the broad themes of the exhibition, see http://isea2011.sabanciuniv.edu/other-event/uncontainable-second-nature